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Several years ago I fell newly for an old passion of mine, which required a high level of physical fitness and low body weight – motor cycle racing.

At that time, I had the exact opposite of what I needed: A low level of fitness and high body weight. My re-ignited passion for motorcycle racing was so intense, that I threw myself into a steep learning curve about my body, fitness, fitness training, nutrition and spiritual well being. Although I was a vegetarian all my life, I still had a terrible low quality carb heavy diet. I smoked between 20-40 cigarettes a day, and I had a very expensive Cuban cigar problem.

To say my new self-imposed life style came easy is a huge understatement. It took a lot of hard work on tread mills but the hardest work of all was, and still is, the knife and fork. Funny enough, quitting smoking was made easy because of a book I read by Allan Carr.

The long and the short of it is that I have transformed myself and not accidentally changed my quality of living in the process. You can find me often on the race tracks (see picture) and I have no physical problems keeping up with my heavy training schedule.

This has been a valid experience that I hope to share with people through this web site. Whatever your age, you can do whatever you want to do with a healthy body!

superbikeI am not offering get-skinny-quick pills or any other drugs. Quite the opposite.

I have found that westernized medicine is dominated by the largest corporations in the world and their only interest is in the bottom line, not our health. The concept of healing is now alien to doctors. Healing means the loss of a paying customer, so medicine has become “symptom suppression.” If you keep the “customer” upright enough to work, you have a payer for life. You really don’t have scratch very deep below the surface to find this out for yourself.

The key to healing your body from anything as diverse as overweight issues to cancer (yes I am saying cancer, see Hulda Clark) is to start taking just a little bit of responsibility for your own health.

You factually already have if you are reading this. You can do this by reading a little bit more on on this website or whatever interests you. Educate yourself so that when the doctor says to you or someone you care about, “I’m sorry, there is no cure,” you can say “That’s a crock!”

You will find information about our Nano minerals and supplements on this site. I have chosen specifically those products which I have experienced to actually work, and I have seen the most remarkable results with my customers.

So, happy reading! I hope my staff and myself will be able to help you gain all the happiness and well-being that follows from a healthy body and a natural lifestyle!

Steven de Koenigswarter
The Health Factory

You can always write or reach me through my contact page.